Cosplay: Making a Superhero Mask!

Foam Super Hero Mask Tutorial


This is a more of a walk through than a tutorial on how to make a form-fitting foam superhero face mask. Say that three times fast.


One sheet of foam
One Styrofoam wig head ($5 @Sally Beauty Supply, no need to get fancy here)
Mod Podge (glossy)
Masking tape
Blow dryer


Now, when one looks at this list, it may seem like a lot just to make one mask that you can probably just buy at Party City. But I currently use the wig head to keep one of my hats, and the Mod Podge for many other projects that I’m looking into working on. Also, I think I saw a “recipe” for homemade Mod Podge. I need to check that out…


I started out with drawing the template for the mask. Fold the paper in half and draw a half mask to make it symmetrical when you unfold. I cut out with scissors because I didn’t have a craft knife of any sort. Unfold the template and place on the foam. Draw around it with a marker, and then cut-out as you wish. Using the scissors made it really hard to cutout the eye holes and they didn’t exactly come out as even as I wanted. If you’re using scissors, it’s best to start out with smaller holes than you’ve intended and work from there. Otherwise you’ll end up taking off more than you wanted to, like I did. Tape it to the styrofoam wig head. I used clear tape, which barely stuck, but I worked with what I had. You’d be better off with masking tape.


3. Now this is where I came into trouble. I held the hot blow dryer to the mask to mold it to the shape of the wig head. It should have molded to the face shape, but it didn’t because my blow dryer wasn’t as hot as it should have been. After trial and error, this is how I molded the shape.


Heat the mask with the blow dryer


Apply a thick layer of Mod Podge to the center of mask (bridge of nose, between the eyes).


Heat this section till dry and repeat in this area multiple times.


Continue over the rest of the mask


4. I repeated with thin layers of the Mod Podge throughout the day and let it air dry before adding new layers. By the end of the day, I had a flexible but solid and form-fitting mask!