#2015inWords: Week 2 Recap


Day 8: Lesson learned? Draw slowly.  It helps with controlling your lines. This one came out very messy and not how I was visioning it in my head. Tools:  Pencil. Marker. Sketchbook.                   Day 9: Requested by Stephanie Nissen. Faith! Does it count as hand lettering if I drew it with a stylus … Read More

#2015inWords: Week 1 Recap

Day 1: The first entry into my Sketchbook for the new year. Everybody loves a new start, right? Tools:  Graphite pencil, 2b for initial sketch and 8b for shading.                   Day 2: My second entry. Inspired by graffiti “street art” and the typeface Black Letter. Tools:  Graphite pencil, 2b for initial sketch … Read More

What is #2015inWords?


What is 2015inWords? I’m taking on the new year by becoming an artist of habit as I try to sketch one hand lettered piece a day for 365 days. The best resolutions are the ones that are habits and not goals. And if practice makes perfect, I’m very interested in seeing my last piece on December 31st of 2015.   Where … Read More

Ways you can use yoga to unwind

Everybody gets stressed out. If you say you don’t get stressed out, it’s probably because you’re stressed and don’t want to admit it. Everybody has different ways to get rid of the blues. Usually getting away to somewhere nice and peaceful is the first step. Unless you like loud places. Then maybe this isn’t for you.   Yoga! It’s quiet! It’s … Read More