Ways you can use yoga to unwind

Everybody gets stressed out. If you say you don’t get stressed out, it’s probably because you’re stressed and don’t want to admit it. Everybody has different ways to get rid of the blues. Usually getting away to somewhere nice and peaceful is the first step. Unless you like loud places. Then maybe this isn’t for you.   Yoga! It’s quiet! It’s … Read More

5 things that makes bad graphic design bad


I’m no expert, but allow me to lecture you on bad graphic design. Let me just say good design is over looked. Every. Single. Day. The only time people really seem to notice anything is if something is a little bit off. It can be the typography, the positioning, the color combinations – let me stop before I start hyperventilating about bad … Read More

On the first day of free items, Envato gave to you…


When I was growing up, I absolutely loved Advent calendars. Who doesn’t love the idea of getting a piece of chocolate or a small toy every day up until Christmas? What if the designer in you can get the same thing? Envato, the lovely makers of websites like Theme Forest and Audio Jungle are offering up twenty-four days of freebies. … Read More

The last Chrome Extension you’ll ever need: Panda

Panda Chrome Extension

Are you a designer? Developer? Coder? Animator? None of the above? All of the above? You need to use Panda. I’ll tell you why. Panda is a daily inspiration and news application for your browser. It curates all of the latest and greatest graphic and web design news and the top images from your favorite design portfolio websites, such as … Read More

You need “X”, THE Ultimate WordPress Theme. And here’s why.


Theme.co has dubbed “X” the ultimate WordPress theme. I agree. I agreed so much that I purchased a licence. But, X is so much more than just a theme. To me, a “theme” is something that exists as-is, with very little ability to adjust the layout. You can probably change colors and sliders, and background images – but can you … Read More