“X” Is THE Ultimate WordPress Theme. And here’s why.


Theme.co has dubbed “X” the ultimate WordPress theme. I agree. I agreed so much that I purchased a licence. But, X is so much more than just a theme. To me, a “theme” is something that exists as-is, with very little ability to adjust the layout. You can probably change colors and sliders, and background images – but can you … Read More

Free Graphic Design Software


If you’re like me when I started out learning graphic design, you want a free graphic design software to practice on before you start moving up the ladder to the more “advanced” programs. While I feel like it’s probably easier to start off learning with more popular softwares like Photoshop, open source programs can be a great way to get your … Read More

10 Things About Venessa Baez


Let’s talk about me! Blogging is a two way relationship between readers and the writers. The best way to nurture that relationship is get to know each other on a personal level! Here’s ten things about me that you may or may not know. Comment something about yourself below, whether it’s a skill, a hobby or your website! 1. I … Read More

Favorite Blogger Resources


Man (or woman) cannot live by writing alone. If you are a blogger, you’ll need some extra blogger resources and skills to make sure your blog is successful. Here’s a list of some great blogger resources that I’ve used. It’s everything from coding and design to social media marketing. Let me know if the comment-box below what resources you use … Read More

How to Make Round Images with CSS

So you wanna have nice round images on your website or blog post, but you don’t want to have to go through the process of having to use an image editing tool or software? Learn how to make round images with CSS.     STEP ONE: Insert the image into your post. This can be either by using an “add … Read More