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Hello, Ello – First Impressions

Hello, Ello

What is Ello? It sounds like it could be a phone company, or a Brit-pop girl band. But it’s not. Ello.co is the newest arrival to social media. It’s attracting the attention of artists, photographers, and designers alike with it’s sleek design, monotonous color pallette, edgy copy,  and best of all – the fact that it is… Read More

Google Domains Transfer

Google Beta Venessa Baez

Google domains is not only great for registering new domains (which I have yet to test), but it also great for transferring in existing domains. I’m testing out as a transfer from Godaddy.com, but you may be transferring from other registrars, such as domain.com. The process should be the same, with little to no difficulty.… Read More